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Roller garage door repairs in Harpenden

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Did you know that under the Health and Safety at Work Act, electrically operated roller garage doors are classed as machinery. Therefore, if a company in Harpenden has bought an electrical shutter, they are legally obliged to ensure the shutter or door is serviced at least once a year. If it is not, then any warranty will become void. The same does not apply to domestic installations of roller garage doors, but it makes perfect sense to keep them regularly serviced to ensure a long and reliable service.

ACE Garage Doors recommend an annual servicing regime of any electric or manual roller garage doors to ensure all the various parts are in good working order and that the garage door still operates smoothly and safely.

Should any of our customers in Harpenden wish to book a regular service of their roller garage door, we are happy to set this up. After all, many already have the same arrangement with their gas boilers and chimneys, so why not have a similar plan for your roller garage door?

Of course you can simply call us as and when your roller garage door requires servicing or repair. After all, they may operate flawlessly for many years before anything goes wrong, but a regular servicing plan really is the best way to ensure you don't get hit with a steep repair or replacement bill if things do go wrong.

Some common problems found with roller garage doors in Harpenden

The power supply

It may sound obvious, but one of the most common problems we have found is that the power supply to the roller garage door has been lost for some reason.

This may be something as simple as a blown fuse or occasionaly mice have chewed through a cable supplying the door mechanism. We always ask our customers to check the power supply first to avoid an unecessary call out.

Emergency release chain malfunction

We suggest you try pulling the emergency release chain to make sure the door responds as it should.

Tracks or rails for the roller garage door

One of the biggest causes of a malfunctioning roller garage door is dirt or debris building up in the tracks or rails. This frequently happens when a do it yourself project has been carried out in the garage and excess dust or even fine wood shavings have become clogged. We can thoroughly clean out the tracks to ensure the roller can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Roller garage door motor overheating

Sometimes when the roller garage door has been repeatedly operated in a relatively short space of time, the motor may have overheated. This happens when people are making repeated trips to the garage to remove or deposit property in or from the garage and open and close the door for security between trips. Often allowing time for the motor to return to a cooler temperature is all that will be required for it to operate correctly again. Should you find that it still fails to operate after a cooling off period, check the power supply and call us out.

Proximity sensors on the roller garage door

This malfunction usually results in the roller garage door only opening half way. This may be because the proximity sensors have become fouled with dirt or damaged, even a heavy build up of cobwebs can cause them to fail. Often a thorough clean is all that will be required, but whenever we call, we do a thorough check of all the moving parts to ensure everything is working correctly.

The actual roller garage door structure

Sometimes buckles or dents in the garage door may cause the operating procedure to fail. These are precision made doors and need to be maintained as such. Because they often open into a roll, any dents, buckles or warping can prevent the door from operating the way it should.

Trying to knock out any dents yourself can be somewhat hit and miss, you may even make the situation much worse. Please call ACE Garage Doors out and we will rectify any issues you may be having with your roller garage door. If we can't repair the door, we can offer expert advice on a replacement and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our garage door prices and services are.

Problems with the radio controlled code

Much in the same way as the common issue with electronic door bells, remote controlled garage door operation can suffer from the same issue. All it takes is for a neighbour to have the same code as you on their garage door and you could both drive each other to distraction when you try to operate your roller garage door.

Roller garage door repairs in Harpenden

If you require roller garage door repairs, ACE Garage Doors are here to help. ACE Garage Doors have a team of highly trained expert fitters in Harpenden who will be able to deliver the roller garage door repairs you need at very competitive prices.

Quality roller garage door repair services

You are assured that by choosing ACE Garage Doors, you will be making the right choice. We guarantee to make your roller garage doors operate efficiently, saving you money in the long term.

We are only a phone call away and can respond quickly, so if your roller garage door requires repairing, we will be able to help. After all, many garages not only protect your car, they also hold tools and other valuables, so you won't want them left insecure for any length of time.

ACE Garage Doors carry out roller garage door repairs throughout the south east and greater London area year round. We pride ourselves with a quick attendance at your address to repair, service or replace your roller garage door. We have the expertise to ensure you will never be left with an insecure roller garage door.

Thanks to our highly trained and professional team of fitters, ACE Garage Doors can deliver an exceptional service for every callout involving roller garage door repairs.

We carry the correct tools and have a wide range of spare parts available on our service vehicles, so any issue with your roller garage door can be dealt with effectively. Should we not be able to rectify the problem on our initial visit; we will ensure that your garage is safe and secure before we leave. Although rare, this only usually happens when a custom part is required to complete the roller garage door repair. Should we not be able to repair your roller garage door on our first visit, we will order the part and return to finish the repair as quickly as we possibly can.

Why choose ACE Garage Doors for roller garage door repairs in Harpenden?

Being a long established, family run business, that relies on customer referrals, we are confident that we are the best provider for roller garage door repairs in the south east. We maintain the highest standardsand always aim to deliver a professional repair service for all of our customers.

So if you need roller garage door repairs, servicing or replacement, simply contact us via our website or call us for a speedy and professional service.

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